Advertising’s New Outlook: A Webinar With MediaLink’s Michael Kassan

  • KindredCast
  • May 22, 2020

How will the advertising industry weather the global pandemic? In order to address that question, LionTree’s Public Markets Lead Leslie Mallon enlists Michael Kassan, the Founder, Chairman and CEO of strategic advisory firm MediaLink, and his colleagues Andrea Redniss and JC Uva to discuss what’s on the horizon for the industry. And, if you’re looking for a quick update on the day’s most thoughtful, insightful and entertaining content, be sure to check out Kindred Media’s recently launched newsletter. Sign up for “Take a Break with Kindred Media,” by clicking here ( Find and rate us on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen. For more content, follow KindredCast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can hear our radio show on SiriusXM Business Radio, channel 132. Please read before listening:

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