Scooter Braun Is Just Getting Started

  • KindredCast
  • Jul 16, 2019

From his just-announced first look deal with Amazon Studios to his company's acquisition of Taylor Swift's catalogue via the Big Machine Label Group, Scooter Braun - the entertainment impresario guiding the careers of Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, J. Balvin, Demi Lovato and more - continues to drive the entertainment industry. It's a good time to revisit LionTree CEO Aryeh Bourkoff's interview with him in which he lays out his business philosophy and speaks of his work with a bevy of superstars. Find and rate us on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen. For more content, follow KindredCast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can hear our radio show every Saturday and Sunday at 2PM on SiriusXM Insight, channel 121.

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